Cameron Spritz

Working with Oregon’s iconic (and iconoclastic) Cameron Winery has always been a pleasure, in large part because they take nothing seriously except the wine they make. Smart, funny, and generous, they’ve been the best possible collaborators on a number of design and video projects through the years. That’s included a complete overhaul of their website, but best of all, a series of videos lampooning the sacred cows and self-importance pervading so much of the wine world.

That impatience with what wine is “supposed” to be led this winery – one of the most revered Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers in the state – to try their hand at the lowliest of beverage categories, the wine cooler. And why not? It’s summer, and it’s hot outside. Why not try something refreshing and well made?

So I shot and cut a couple of quick promos for this scintillating concoction, the Cameron Spritz, working from their concept and script and fine tuning it with them on set and in the edit bay.

As John’s character says, “Thank you for your attention!”