• Portland’s Transportation System Plan

    Brand/Creative Strategy, Creative, Video

    The Transportation System Plan is Portland's ambitious roadmap for the next 20 years, charting a course toward what the city should focus on and invest in to accommodate the quarter-million new residents expected to move here. It's a visionary document with a girth to match: 350 exhaustively researched and highly detailed pages. My task was to distill it into a 7-minute introduction ..[There’s more]

  • Cave of Fermented Dreams


    This past summer, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document an earth-shattering discovery: a primitive cave culture whose works had lain dormant for untold years. Journey along with us as we uncork… the Cave of Fermented Dreams!

  • Cameron Spritz


    Working with Oregon's iconic (and iconoclastic) Cameron Winery has always been a pleasure, in large part because they take nothing seriously except the wine they make. Smart, funny, and generous, they've been the best possible collaborators on a number of design and video projects through the years.
    This year, they tried their hand at the lowliest of beverage categories, the wine cooler. And why not? It's summer, and it's hot outside. Why not try something refreshing and well made?
    So I shot and cut a couple of quick promos for this scintillating concoction, the Cameron Spritz, working from their concept and script and fine tuning it with them on set and in the edit bay... [There’s more]

  • A Dream within REACH

    Photography, Video

    At age 52, Minh Hoang decided to leave everything he had ever known in Vietnam and emigrate with his family to the United States. That incredible story is why this was one of the more inspiring pieces we’ve ever had the privilege to work on. It premiered at REACH's annual fundraising dinner in October, 2014.

  • Zoolights

    Brand/Creative Strategy, Creative, Video

    For the first time in decades, the Oregon Zoo’s signature winter festival – Zoolights – would open its doors without the attraction that for many Portlanders virtually defined the event: the Zoolights Train, offline because of an extensive remodel of the Zoo grounds. The Zoo asked us to help.

    As the Creative Director that lead the design team, I thought the solution was getting people to rediscover what makes the event amazing in the first place: sharing a stroll through a stunning universe of light with friends and family during the holidays. And maybe letting your imagination run a little wild… as the star of our spot does in “If I Made a Zoo.”

  • Sunday Parkways

    Brand/Creative Strategy, Video

    Five times a summer, in different parts of the city, Portland closes a few streets to cars and funny thing happens: people of all ages come rushing out to play in the streets. And man is it inspiring, as I think our film for Sunday Parkways captures pretty well.

  • Oregon Walks

    Brand/Creative Strategy, Creative, Video

    “Since when did getting there get so… out of balance?" That question introduces this branding film for Oregon’s premier walking advocacy organization, unveiling a new name and a bold new vision we guided them in creating. Next, we designed the organization’s new branding and website, but to launch the new organization at its signature fundraising event – the Weston Awards – we also created this film.