Reed Centennial's website landing page

Reed College Centennial

Design, messaging strategy, art direction of archival imagery, and development of this dual-purpose site celebrating Reed’s first 100 years, and launching a $200-million fundraising effort.

For Reed’s Centennial, we advised on and concocted some of the major messaging, then designed the core Centennial brand, the three sites below, a “case statement” for the Campaign and a host of direct mail pieces, ads, and banners. The fundraising effort was a success.

One of the more fascinating – and surreal – parts of the project was creating the marquee images for the Centennial Reunions site. Because the idea of class reunions is about bringing together “then” (memories of college) and “now” (reuniting with old classmates today), I pitched sourcing a few evocative archival images and reshooting them today. There was something incredibly powerful about realizing, as I set up my tripod and framed my shot to match, that another photographer had stood on the very same spot, thinking the very same technical and compositional things, 100 years in the past.