Through the Gates, by Eve Müller (Matt Giraud, Editor and Creative Director, Gyroscope Creative)

Through the Gates

Through the Gates is a poignant meditation on connection, marriage, and Vietnam written and photographed by Eve Müller. I designed, produced, and edited the book.

Eve was an acquaintance I knew through social media when I started noticing her posts from a trip through Vietnam. The writing — short vignettes somewhere between poetry and prose – was so incredible I contacted her when she got back: let’s make a book together.

I asked if she had taken any photos, and was astonished at her eye, so I immediately re-thought the book to include her beautiful photography as context and counterpoint.

The result was a limited edition book now sold out, but a taste of which you can see below.

You can (and should) buy her latest book, Guide to the Ruins, here.